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We are sad to hear about the passing of Keith Wade, he was a true champion for working families in Houston politics. He was always behind the scenes taking notes and fighting for change.

Houston airport workers & supporters are on their way to @United to tell airline essential workers need PPE to keep themselves, their families & passengers safe!

Cordeja works at Bush Airport, since the pandemic she needs partial unemployment to get by. Cordeja and her coworkers are putting their lives on the line, they deserve premium pay and paid sick days. Help Cordeja get paid sick days, call your Senator today 866-426-2631

Harris County workers and their tax dollars deserve better from a $10 million tax break. We need living wages, safety training, local and second-chance hiring, and apprenticeship programs.@HarrisCoJudge @RodneyEllis
@AdrianGarciaHTX @HarrisCoPct3 @HCPrecinct4

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