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Elsa Caballero
Presidenta, SEIU Texas
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Won’t stop. Can’t stop until Texas turns Blue. We are #essentialvoters and we have a job to do 💪🗳️. So proud of the work SEIU Texas members are doing to elect champions who will fight for us! Find out more information:https://seiu2020.org/Texas

With the highest uninsured rate in the U.S, it’s time for Texans to make a change. @AkilahBacy is that change. She knows Houstonians need affordable health care and will fight to get us the care we deserve. Vote early for Bacy Oct. 13-30.

.@DwyaneWade has it right: "We have to hold the powers that be accountable. One way to do that it to vote."

Make your plan: http://myvoteisesseential.org/register #myvoteisessential #VoteEarlyDay #vote #VoteEarly

We’re gearing up to caravan to the polls as the second week and last weekend of early vote comes to a close!
You have until Oct. 30th to cast your early vote. Make your plan today on #nationalearlyvoteday #earlyvoteday by visiting http://seiu2020.org/Texas.


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