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Elsa Caballero
Presidenta, SEIU Texas
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DCaring Commercial Cleaning & its subcontractor FIRED four @SEIUTX janitors and union activists at @GRBCC

@HoustonFirst, put Houston families first and hire responsible contractors! #JusticeforJanitors

Today, we were at $SBUX at 2521 Post Oak Blvd in Houston. We wanted @SBWorkersUnited workers to know that we've got their backs and that it's the workers who keep their stores running, not the greedy execs!


While you may not interact with us directly, airport service workers, who are often Black, brown and immigrant workers, are the backbone of our country’s airports and overall air infrastructure. We help keep airports safe, clean and accessible!

.Starbucks acts like it holds progressive values, yet does everything it can to silence workers. Tell Starbucks, ethical companies don't union bust. http://bit.ly/3JS8OFb #StarbucksShareholders $sbux

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