Stop Ghosting Us

Stop Ghosting Us
Members: Olga Villegas and Tania Cabrera, Janitors

My name is Olga Villegas. I was a janitor at 1001 McKinney for 12 years until I lost my good union job. I did NOT lose my job because of a write-up or disciplinary action. I lost my job because a non-union company took over the janitorial services contract here at 1001 McKinney.  We have tried for months to reach management at 1001 McKinney to ask them to do the right thing and hire a responsible contractor who retains long-term workers. They have ignored our calls and are ghosting janitors. So we are protesting and telling TRC Capital to STOP ghosting janitors, STOP sucking the life out of Houston janitors and do the right thing by hiring a responsible contractor.

Not only can TRC Capital afford a responsible contractor, the tenants in this building have already petitioned TRC Capital to do the right thing. It’s not just the right thing for janitors here at 1001 McKinney and those who lost their jobs. A responsible contractor will help continue to raise workplace standards across Houston. Our families depend on our good union jobs to make ends meet, and we aren’t backing down until this building has union jobs again.

It’s a shame that the building manager TRC Capital has chosen to squeeze janitors for an extra buck instead of working with responsible janitorial companies that treat workers with dignity and respect. TRC Capital can afford to work with responsible contractors that guarantee fair wages, fair benefits, commit to protecting workers against job loss when contractors change, and respects workers’ fundamental right to a union. 

Janitors have spoken to building management twice, we have protested several times, our union president sent a letter to the CEO of TRC Capital, and we even attended a board meeting to tell TRC Capital to STOP ghosting janitors. We have yet to hear back on whether TRC Capital will do the right thing by workers. We won’t be ignored!

We are fighting for good union jobs. Si se puede!