Who We Are

SEIU Texas unites thousands of airport workers,  janitors, food service,  and hospital employees from across our state. We are committed to expanding access to union jobs for all Texans— and we are actively organizing subcontracted passenger service workers at Houston airports into their union.


We’re also part of the 2.2 million members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), working people like us throughout the United States and Canada. Together we fight for justice at work and in our communities.


We know that when working people join together we can win better jobs and a better future. At work, we organize to win higher wages and better benefits and negotiate strong union contracts. Outside work, we build our political power so that we have a strong voice over laws and issues that affect us. 

We’re stronger together! 


Learn how you can make a difference for working families across the state. 

Our Members



SEIU Texas
Houston, TX

Resha Thomas

Executive Vice Presicent
SEIU Texas
Houston, TX

Catalina Martinez

SEIU Texas
Houston, TX


Division VP, Healthcare
Radiology Tech
Las Palmas Medical
El Paso, TX

Dora Alvarado

Division VP, Property Service
Houston, TX

Executive Board Members

Deborah Ann Lewis

Property Service | Zone 1

Zacarias Tzul

Property Service | Zone 2

Carmen Salazar

Property Service | Zone 3

Neil Norfleet

Property Service At Large | Zone 1

Telitha Solis

Property Service At Large | Zone 2

Mirna Blanco

Property Service At Large | Zone 3

Michelle Harvey

Healthcare | Zone 1

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Together we are fighting for unions for all and a $15 an hour minimum wage.
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