Why We Fight

SEIU Texas not only gives workers a voice on the job; our union supports public policy issues important to working Texans and fights to elect political leaders who understand the important role unions play in creating prosperous, resilient communities across the state.

Through our rigorous candidate selection process we support candidates who are committed to championing immigrant rights, supporting policies that bolster working families, standing with workers as they fight for better contracts, advocating for stronger RFP processes so that taxpayer funds only support responsible contractors, and most importantly, lifting our Unions for All message.

The stakes are too high, and that is why our union is working hard to ensure that every single member is informed and motivated to take part in all elections—local, state and federal.

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Are you an SEIU Texas member? Support the SEIU COPE Fund to help us resist the anti-union agenda. Funds contributed to COPE are used for advancing the political and legislative goals of our members and communities, as well as to help elect candidates who will stand by working families when we need them most. Our COPE fund is one tool in a box of many, and is most effective when paired with engagement and activism.

We Fight to Protect ALL Workers

COVID-19 has the potential to affect all communities, and the Trump administration is behaving as if the health of the stock market is more important than the health of people across this country. This administration must allow public health experts to lead on a nationally-coordinated response. It must make sure working people know the facts about prevention and have the equipment they need to keep themselves and their clients and patients safe, and it must stop filling Twitter and talk shows with dangerous distractions and misinformation.

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Racial Justice

No matter where we come from or what we look like, we all deserve an equitable chance to pursue our dreams. Across the state, SEIU Texas members—Black, white and brown—are coming together to build a society where everyone’s work is valued and all people are respected.

Together, we will fight anti-Black racism, structural racism and all forms of racial oppression that prevent working people from earning a good living and having a good life.

For our children, our families and our communities to have a chance at a better life, we know the fights for higher wages and unions for all working people are inextricably linked with the fight for racial justice. We cannot achieve economic justice unless we stop the systemic racism that still plagues this state and our nation.

Immigrant Rights

SEIU Texas members continue to fight back against federal and state measures which aim to hurt immigrant families. We still have much more work to do to create a pathway to citizenship for the millions of Dreamers, TPS holders, refugees and asylum seekers, and undocumented immigrants and their families who contribute greatly to our communities and our country.

From advocating for policies that provide good jobs and opportunities for all to increasing awareness about issues that impact immigrant families to fighting back against attacks on immigrants and our families—we’re bringing our community together to fight and win on the issues that will give immigrant families across Texas the respect and dignity we deserve.

Environmental Justice

Members of SEIU’s International Executive Board passed a resolution in support of the Green New Deal at the union’s board meeting in Minneapolis on June 6, 2019. SEIU is the first national union to declare its support for the groundbreaking measure that aims to address climate change while creating high-quality union jobs.

The resolution supports the Green New Deal’s goal of connecting policies to combat climate change with those that raise standards for all working people. This is crucially important for communities of color, who are most impacted, so that no working people, families, or communities are left behind.

SEIU Texas members support immediate, bold action on climate change that holds corporations accountable for rampant pollution and creates good union jobs in a just transition.

Workers' Rights

As a union, we’ve made big strides for our membership despite the odds stacked against working families. Texas is notoriously one of the most anti-worker states in the nation.

As working Texans, we have basic legal rights to safe, healthy and fair conditions at work. However, many employers violate these rights because they put profit over people.

We’re fighting for better pay, benefits, paid time off, retirement security, job security, and many other critical issues for all working people— Black, white and brown—across Texas.

Learn more about the guaranteed union protections and rights SEIU Texas members have won in their contracts and from several Supreme Court decisions.

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